Rent a villa in Italy: comfortable apartments on the Como lake

Rent a villa from owner in Italy on Lake Como.

Where the coast of Italy opens towards the sun, there is an elegant location for rent a house, by the lake which calls Como. If you want to rent a villa just for you and your private company, there would be no better variant like this. Let us introduce you the Castiglioni paradise – a personal offer for your upscale holidays in Italy.

Rent it now: capabilities and conditions

For rent is available the 1st floor + a guest house in the ground floor. It is spacious enough for a 6-8 people. There is a hall and 3 separated full-equipped bedrooms inside. Due to the compact size it would be convenient for a holiday-budget – to rent apartments in Italy, especially in such a popular place. The 2d floor is a private zone which is totally isolated and separated.
  • Price for apartments you rent for 2 nights (6 pax) – 2250 EUR (depends on a season)
  • + Minimal deposit: 1000 EUR that will be returned to you when the rent period is out.
  • Minimal period for rent: 2 days.

Location of the object you rent

Laglio is a quiet location between the Argegno and Nesso. This is where the villa you rent is situated on – and it invites you in a fruitful and sunshine world of olive groves, wooded cypress alleys and wonderful Como lake coast. From the entrance of the villa you rent to the lake it takes just 2-3 minutes by the walk – and you’ll definitely enjoy the panoramic view of a mountain landscape. All this tasteful nature with a fresh air is offered with a high-level service and full equipment, just to satisfy your expectations from the holidays. And if you are boring and ready to plan a shopping or sightseeing tour, gorgeous Milano or Switzerland with its breath-taking landscapes is in a short distance from the villa you rent.

Did you know? A famous Hollywood actor George Clooney who just married an Italian lawyer, had also bought an exclusive vacation house “Oleandra” nearby. Of course not for rent – for himself. So you can rent a villa and split the area and the neighbourhood with the celebrity-family.

A bit of history of the house you rent

When you decide to rent the Villa Castiglioni, you get not just a rental home for holidays – you become a part of history. All this exclusive furnishing, high quality equipment you find inside is a heritage of ages. First owners of the villa you rent were an aristocrats from Milano. Lprd Castiglioni owned a huge land plot nearby the city. Century by century a small rent household was grind like a diamond. And in the beginning of the twentieth century the great Villa Castiglioni which you rent now was already well-knew as a creation of a famous architect Guiseppe Sommaruga. When the last lord of the family was dead, the place used to stay abandoned for more than thirty years. But the recent owner had made all the renovation work in 3 years from 2002 to 2005 and now it is available for rent.

Nowadays you can fulfill all your desires, enjoying family or private holidays if you rent this precious villa in Italy. Whatever may interest you – private wine tastings, excursions and tours, rent a car, pick-up service from licensed drivers – we represent a villa and we’ll going to do all the best to provide this with a rent service.

What will you get if you rent villa Castigloni?

  • 3 isolated comfortable bedrooms for 6 pax + possibility to rent a place 2 pax more on a cosy sofa-bed;
  • bathrooms en suite with the stuff you need;
  • Daily cleaning service;
  • TV with satellite and lots of other services.

For clients who want to rent apartments: pets are not allowed. Please rent or book with children 12+ years old. NO SMOKING AREA.

Rent villa Castiglioni is to spend your holidays just the way you expect it! To learn more about the possibility to rent this apartment, please contact us directly.

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