How to rent a villa in Italy by owner: welcome to lake Como

Rent a villa from owner in Italy on Lake Como.

Sometimes when you are planning your holidays in Italy, e.g. rent something nearby lake Como, it seems to be so terrific hard to rent a villa by owner. Searching for apartments in internet you’re about to find 100 000 villa type variants in rent category. But there are a lot of rent agents in Italy, especially nearby Como. So put it in the add “own villa on lake Como”: does it really mean from the owner? And you would know it exactly if you visit owner’s web site directly. Here you can rent an amazing villa in Italy in Lombardy on lake Como, and even if you do it first time, keep calm: we’re happy to make it plain by the phone call as the owner.

Rent a villa on lake Como: tips 4U from the owner

Some large family or a company of 6 pax wants a villa in Italy to rent – but it results that the prices in Italy during the open season are too high. Because of two reasons: or the owner offer to you the whole building which area is for sure bigger than 200 m2. You don’t really need to rent it for a one-week vacations in Italy on Como, do you? Or perhaps some second-home owners play a game with you trying to sell villa for a “dirty price” not exactly by owner, if you know what we mean. Just spend your 3 minutes in contacting with the owner of the villa Castiglioni on a lake Como in Italy – and you will learn more about rent - conditions, prices and perks of rent just the 1st floor of the whole villa. Keep on this tips if you’d like to have a villa in Italy nearby lake Como for rent by owner:
  • Think about what you want, especially if you’re planning a group-vacations in Italy, lake Como. Housekeeping in villa daily or weekly, minimal period for rent, self-cooking, level of isolation and privacy – be prepared for additional rent fees or ask about directly while you speak with the owner;
  • + Get on the call – as you see we have a lot of pictures of the villa Castiglioni in Italy (lake Como) on the owner’s web site in Italy. And all of them are made by the owner. But it Is always best to ask about something speaking to the owner directly by telephone before rent;
  • Put it on the paper – we always offering to our visitors on lake Como a possibility of signing a contract with the owner of the villa. It is a standard procedure when you want to rent a villa in Italy and it protects both the sides. Of course we remember everyone personally and making an especial relationships with our loyal customers in Italy, Como area;
  • Try some new destination in Italy – companies and families are wishing to move beyond popular destinations forgetting about lesser-known “pearls” and villa type apartments such as Castiglioni on the lake Como. If you find prices for rent a villa from owner in Rimini or Napoli too high, discover other market – a property for rent by owner on a lake Como ( an info: Como is situated in Lombardy, on the North of Italy).

Remember that the 1st floor of villa with easy access is always better for a large family with a small children. This is one more reason to rent the villa Castiglioni in Italy, Como lake, because the owner offers you exactly the first one. Here you will find separate bedrooms for 2*3 pax, comfortable isolated bathroom, lounge area – everything you need for gorgeous holiday in villa in Italy, lake Como.

LIf you rent the villa Castiglioni in Italy (lake Como) by owner you get:

Did you know? A famous Hollywood actor George Clooney who just married an Italian lawyer, had also bought an exclusive vacation house “Oleandra” nearby. Of course not for rent – for himself. So you can rent a villa and split the area and the neighbourhood with the celebrity-family.

A bit of history of the house you rent

  • A whole floor + the guest house included in the price – from 2250 EUR for 2 nights in Italy (owner lives separate on the 2d floor which is closed for rent);
  • 3 all-equipped bedrooms for six persons;
  • Easy and free Wi-Fi connection;
  • Daily housekeeping;
  • A large TV + satellite;
  • An access to the wooded fruit-garden with possibility to rent private Jacuzzi etc.

Rent villa Castiglioni is to spend your holidays just the way you expect it! To learn more about the possibility to rent this apartment, please contact us directly.

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