Villa for rent in Italy, lake Como: il Concorso d´Eleganza May 2017

Rent a villa from owner in Italy on Lake Como.

This year, the famous exhibition in Italy Concorso d`Eleganza Villa d´Este has improved and to be held in Cernobbio, on Lake Como. Have you already rented a villa for this event? Villa Castiglioni offers an air of authentic aristocracy for you while visiting this event. Focus on the precious design, originality of interior and perfect preservation of the Villa you rent. Turn your visit into an unforgettable journey in Italy, lake Como.

About The Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este

Lake Como inspired the English poet Percy Shelley and many others. Lake Como has been and remains the most popular tourist destination in Italy for centuries, and there are many reasons for this. The area of the lake is about 150 square kilometers, and it has numerous picturesque towns and villages with a wide choice of high-class villas for short-term rent. Lake Como is only a few kilometers from the snowy peaks of the Rety Alps, which makes it the most unique place in the beauty of landscapes of the whole Italy. The largest city and tourist destination on the lake is Como, whose population is more than 80 thousand people. Right here, in the heart of touristic life, we suggest you rent a villa.

You do not need a cheap hotel for an unforgettable holiday in Italy. You can rent an apartment or villa from one of the local residents and enjoy a vacation, fresh air, great Italian food and water sports, regardless of anyone!

Sights of Lake Como

The surroundings of Lake Como in Italy are densely populated - on its banks there is a huge number of large and small towns and villages with villas for rent. Large settlements such as Como or Lecco offer an excellent combination of a coastal resort with comfort and city facilities.

  • If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of tourists, we suggest paying attention to Tremezzo, a small town in which there is a famous botanical garden.
  • As an alternative, try your luck at the more popular place among tourists – Bellagio.
  • As soon as you settle the villa you rent for your holidays, we strongly recommend that you first go on a boat trip on the lake Como itself.
  • Do not forget to pick a day and take a ride on the Como Brunate cable car.
  • Lake Como has become famous among sailors, windsurfing and kitesurfing. If you dreamed of doing such sports on holiday - Lake Como will be an excellent choice.

If you stopped at one of the more or less large cities on arrival in Lake Como, especially if rent a villa in Como town, we strongly recommend that you stroll through the local markets and buy food there. Markets, of course, are Italian, so your choice is offered many varieties of delicious fresh fish (caught right there on the lake), vegetables and fruits, local cheeses and meat for every taste. Rent for you our villa Castiglioni and enjoy vacations on lake Como¡

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